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Album Cover Design

album cover mockup.jpg

This was an album cover design was based on one of my chibi characters. With this design I wanted it to suite the character and with this character that I used there is a rainbow on its top so the album had a rainbow theme with a title that went with the theme. The title of the able is called rainbow love which can be interpreted in either way or as LGBTQ.


For the design of all the elements and text they were all done using procreate on iPad pro and the character was done using auto desk on iPad pro. The colour of the background was done on procreate using shades of pink and adjusted with gaussian blur to give it a blended effect. Thr rainbow and love hearts were also done in procreate with a similar technique and the clipping mask was added. The rainbow was placed in the top half and the love hearts were placed over the rainbow and resized to make it look as though there going over the rainbow.  

With the character it was placed in the middle as the album is based on this character. On either side of the character are the words rainbow love which is the album title and this was done in procreate using the font snell roundhand in bold with 267.8pt size and a clipping mask was added to give the text colour which each letter was coloured with one colour of the rainbow to give it that effect.

The text under the character is the name of the character and the artist name which is Heidi and this was also done in procreate with the font arial rounded mt bold in regular with 267.8pt size and again the clipping mask was applied and a dark pink colour was used. All these elements were saved as png and placed into adobe indesign for the layout.

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