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Typographic Design 2 Expressive Type

book cover 2.jpg

This assignment required three different book covers to be designed which uses the first letter of the author's name or the book title. This was to be done at a quick pace of a week for each which was to get us to meet deadlines.​​

This book cover was done on the Disney book Brave that is based on the movie Disney Pixar movie Brave. For this, I choose the letter B from the title of the book as this fitted well in looking like the main character Merida. I made the letter B look like the main character Merida as the story is based around her.

With the background, I used a lighter teal colour as this was to symbolize Merida's dress and also to make the letter B stand out. There are also two arrows one above the title and one below the author. These arrows were to show that the main character is an archer.

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