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Branding as Social Critique Brand Style Guide

logo design 3.png

This assignment required a brand identity and brand style guide based on a brand strategy that we defined. It also required other elements that a brand uses like apps, business cards, and uniforms.

This brand was called Gendentity which is a gaming platform that allows males and females to swap genders. This was a brand that tried to take away gender stereotypes in video games by giving players the opportunity to play as the opposite gender.

The logo is made up of a few elements mostly based on video gaming symbols which are: circle, triangle, male and female symbol, direction pad, the select button, and start button. It also has the letters in it as well which are the letters G, E, N, D, T, I and Y.


The concept for this logo has come from two words gender and identity which have both been combined to make one-word Gendentity.

The app is the gaming platform that has the playable game on it. the contents of this app are that it has a gender selection page which has the names swapped with the actual symbol. The main page after the allows the user to create an avatar based on the swapped gender they have chosen, send messages to other people that use the app and it has the main game mode which the avatar will be used as a character to play the game and settings which the user can change the settings of the app. 

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