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Cartoon Portrait of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Crow

This is a cartoon portrait design that was done for Elizabeth (Lizzie) Crow as a freelance project which was to create a faceless cartoon-style portrait of her using a photo as a reference.


With this portrait, I used the photo of Elizabeth as a reference which was drawn over in procreate app using the colour picker on the photo on colours like skin tone and hair. This was a faceless cartoon portrait but made to look illustrated. This was a digitally drawn illustration that was done using an iPad and apple pencil using the app procreate.


The colours that were used for skin tone and hair were taken directly from the reference photo which was also drawn over to keep the realistic feel. With the main illustration of her done I added a shadow to it to give an illusion of light being shined on her as in the reference photo. 

As I did the portrait of her I can across it looking like she was just floating in the air, so with the reference photo giving a country/country girl feel and so to the outfit I decided to go with a background which was a wooden floor and walls to fill the country style that the reference photo was giving me. 

Then there was another issue that I came across which was a large area of blank space and to fill that in I added photo frames that stuck to the country feel I was getting. In the top photo frame, I added the exact portrait of her as it suited well with the whole feel and the bottom one had the quote "if you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." This quote was part of a brush set on procreate and it suited well with her and the whole country style.

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