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Cartoon Portrait of Rachel

Cartoon Portrait of Rachel

This is a cartoon portrait design that was done for Rachel as a freelance project which was to create a cartoon-style portrait of her using a photo as reference.


With this portrait, I used the photo of Rachel as a reference for the outfit and basic colours like skin tone and hair. The face was made to look cartoonish as to go with the whole cartoon look of the portrait but the body was made to look realistic in a way but still cartoonish.


This was a digitally drawn illustration that was done using an iPad and apple pencil using the app auto desk.


The colours that were used for skin tone and hair were taken directly from the reference photo. She also wanted three colours to be used which were two shades for green and black so I used the darker green for the top and skirt and used the lighter green for the details in the top and the bows on the stockings and black was used for the boots.

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