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Griffith Film School Graduates Catalogue

griffith film school graduates catalogue cover.jpg

This project was to create an end of year catalogue for the Griffith Film School. The concept for this catalogue was to be similar to last year's as the way they wanted the content to be laid out was the same as last year's. The only difference was the cover could be changed but still have an image in the background of the cracked brick walls.

For this final outcome, the cover used a brick wall texture with the Griffith red colour. It also has the number 17 as a pattern that uses two different shades of red to contrast with the Griffith red. The actual text on the cover was in the Founding Sterling typeface which is the Griffith standard and the colour was while to be easily read.

The back cover was the same but without the number 17 pattern and the text. But it did have the Griffith logo on the back. The pages inside contain the forward spread which is the words from the head of the Griffith Film School and text and heading were all in the Foundry Sterling typeface. The heading was in the Griffith red colour.

The contents page had the same typeface and the Griffith red was used for the heading. Each of the disciplines was split into four different columns. The title page for film was done similar to the cover just having film cameras in the background. The pages with the information on the films were made into postcards which had the film's information on the left side and the artwork on the right which went behind the information.

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