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Theories and Practices of Visual Communication 2 Information Design

repair manual screen 1.jpg

This assignment was on transition/ repair manuals which communicate whole systems not only design, repair or assemblage of a thing.


The culture of repair that I choose to do the transition/ repair manual on was the DIY culture mostly to do with upcycling waste like general waste (plastics, aluminum), electrical appliances, transport, clothing and children's toys. The main culture that this transition/ repair manual was based on is Cuba as they have a large DIY culture.


This transition/ repair manual is an app that is mostly targeted to people aged in their 20's which this app is like a portable manual that has a lot of waste repurpose projects for them to use, mostly if they have moved out of home. This app is for them to find steps on how to use waste they have lying around to fix things or make new things form.

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