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Lu's Place Logo Redesign

This was a logo redesign for Lu's Place which is a cafe located in Brisbane. The logo was already designed and I was required to redesign it to look better. The original logo had the coffee cup above the words Lu's Place with those words slightly curved and under the coffee cup and under those words were coffee & friends which were all centered and placed under each other.

With the redesigned version of this logo the coffee cup was to remain the same as the original one but it was placed in the middle. On top of the coffee cup were the words Lu's Place which were slightly centered and also slightly curved with an arch which was horizontally bent at 10% to give it a slight curve look. The font that was used on those words was Great Vibes regular with a size of 115pt.


Under the coffee cup where the words coffee & friends were in the original version was changed to have those words more in a line and centered and the words were changed to coffee, food, friends with the font Ariel regular at 20pt and in between each of the words was this ~ symbol which used the same font but at 16pt. The colour requested was black like the original logo.

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