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Parallel Latitudes Catalogue

parallel latitudes catalogue cover.jpg

This project was to design a catalogue for Parallel Latitudes for an upcoming group photography show. The design for the final outcome was based on parallel and latitude lines on a globe.

The cover had parallel lines going in a circle and latitude lines to make it look like a globe. In the middle was the name Parallel Latitude which was done in the typeface Myriad Pro Bold. The back was the same as the front just without the words. The pages that were included was an introduction spread which used the same design as the front cover but it was just only half of the design and none of the orange was included apart from the heading.

The text was not supplied for the introductions spread so placeholder text was used. The next six spreads had the artist's name on the left side inside of the circular globe and the details of the artwork were placed next to the circular globe on the same page. The image of the photo was placed on the right side so it could be big enough to view. All the images and artist's names with the name of the photos were provided. The colours that were used were purple, light blue and orange. 

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