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Marvel Cloak and Dagger TV Series Pop Vinyl Design

cloak and dagger logo-01.jpg

These are two custom pop vinyl designs done of the two main characters Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen from the Marvel tv series Cloak and Dagger.


The two pop vinyl designs were done in reference to the actual character photos from the tv series. They were done on an iPad Pro using the apple pencil on the app auto desk to draw them.

The character Tyrone Johnson is wearing a grey shirt with jeans and grey sneakers with a black jacket. This is the casual outfit that he wears in the tv series.

The character Tandy Bowen is wearing a black shirt with a striped skirt and black leggings with socks and black boots plus a jean jacket and beanie.

I have also done two package designs that each pop vinyl comes in and they consist of a front view, side view, and back view.

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