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Typographic Design 1 Poster Design 

typeographic music poster.jpg

This assignment required a poster advertising a performance by a fictitious musical performer/ band. The poster uses a combination of hand lettering and digital typesetting and employs a visual language appropriate to the genre of music the performer belongs to.


The intention of this poster design was to have the band name and supporting act done typographically done as ligatures. The word QCA Presents, with special guest, the date and time, venue and tickets were all done with a computer-generated font which was Arial Black, regular.


The colours that were used were blue for the background because it suited the typography of the band name and supporting act. The band names colour was red because it stands out from the blue background and also the main focal point because they are the main performing band. The colour used for the supporting act was green because it also stands out from the blue background and makes it less of a focus point but appears as the supporting act.


The colour of the computer-generated text is white because it stands out from the blue background and also makes it easy to read. Under the computer-generated text, there are lines which are to represent paper and that was done with an image of the paper.

This was portrayed by having the main band name (Bold Play) bigger and to the top of the page so when it is viewed it is the first thing that is read. Then having the supporting act (Arial Brothers) under the main band name so it is viewed second.

The words QCA Presents is placed in the top right-hand corner just next to the band name which makes it easier to see who is presenting it and it also fills up the empty space. The words with special guest are placed between the band name and the supporting act to let the viewer know whos supporting the main band.

The date and time are placed under the supporting act on the left-hand side so the viewer will follow on with that when reading it. The venue name and location are placed on the right side next to the date and time so when the viewer reads it they will also see the venue and location.


The ticket information is placed at the bottom of the poster because that's the last thing the viewer would read. The lines under the computer-generated text are lines with an image fill of paper and this is to make the poster look like it was made out of paper cutouts.

The colours red and green are used because they are the reggae colours but yellow wasn't used. The white in the computer-generated text is used because it is easier to read with the blue background much more then if it was black.

This poster is influencing a reggae style of music. Plus the typography on the band name and supporting act makes it look like paper cutouts.

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