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Skateboard Design Challenge


This was a skateboard design challenge the was created by rishi.draws to create a design on a skateboard. The skateboard template was created by rishi.draws and was able to download from his YouTube channel on the video that was to announce this challenge. This template was made for use on the IOS app procreate to create the design on the skateboard.


For my design, I choose to go with a character that sat nicely with a pastel blended background. The character I went with was a girl that was part animal, hence the animal ears. The animal that the girl is half as is a cat.

With the layout of the character, I started with the brown-haired girl and found that the skateboard had a lot of empty space above the character which is where I thought to add in the same character and reflecting it. Then I decided to make the reflection look different in colours so I gave the second girl blond hair and an orange top with purple overalls.

Once that was done I gave the wheels the same pastel blended look that the background on the board had. As this was able to be customised within the template. All of the design was done using procreate on iPad pro using apple pencil and the character was hand-drawn and imported into the template. 

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