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That's RAD! Science

Business Card

That's RAD! Science business card.jpg

This is a logo design and business card for That's RAD Science. They are a client that is in the field of science but they also incorporate technology, engineering, and math. They wanted a logo/visual toolkit that could be used on other forms of media that used their name and incorporated elements from science, technology, engineering, and math.


With this design, I went with having their name in four hexagons with each word in one hexagon and having the word Science being split into two with the incorporation of the elements.   


I did the same thing again and used four hexagons and put the elements of science, technology, engineering, and maths in each one. The elements I used were a beaker, computer, spanner and screwdriver, and the pie symbol for math. They did specify some colours of blue which I used three and the fourth being a green-yellow colour. 

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