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Typographic Design 2 Typeface Design

typepography poster.jpg

This assignment was to create a typeface that was done using a grid form a pattern found in colouring books or real-life objects. The typeface also needed to have punctuation marks and one special glyph. ​

For this typeface design, I got my inspiration from the blackletter typeface which I wanted it to look somewhat like the medieval typefaces from back in the medieval period so the first thing that I started to look at was the medieval symbols which were too detailed and would probably make the typeface difficult to read. Then I started to look at castles and this was going to make the typeface look medieval or like the blackletter typeface but it would look to decorative so my inspiration moved on from this and lead me to look at Scottish Celtic symbols and this inspiration came more from the once upon a time poster of brave which has the goldish yellow border around it that represents a Scottish Celtic symbol.

This then lead me to look at Scottish Celtic patterns which I ended up finding two different patterns and out of the two one of them was used as the grid for the typeface. The one that was used as the grid for the typeface was the Celtic knot pattern from here I want on to designing the typeface and encountered a problem, the stems on the typeface were rounded for some of the letters like A, H and L and even the length of the stems was also a little short for most letters like F, P, T, Y, and R. From this problem the letters had to be exaggerated and have other elements added to them to make them more readable but at the same time look like the Celtic pattern.

This typeface is called Celtic Black because it's based on the blackletter typeface and it is also made to look like a typeface that would be used back in the medieval period. Plus the glyph is a Celtic symbol. The intention of this typeface is to have it as a decorative typeface that is to be used for headings on documents.

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