Wellers Hill Bowls Club Logo and Mascot Redesign


This was a logo and mascot redesign for the Wellers Hill Bowls Club which is a lawn bowls club that also has there own lawn bowls team the Weller Wasps.

The logo and mascot were already designed and I was required to redesign them according to the specifications. The logo below on the left is the original logo which I was to recreate and the one on the right I was to use the colour blue from and recreate the ribbon where the words bowls and club sit more simplified and look like that one. The final logo design is the one at the top of the page.

WHBC Logo.jpg

With the mascot of the wasp it was just a simple redesign of it and all I did was simplify it from the original (which is on the left). Also both the logo and mascot were required to be saved as a png so there was no white background.

Wasp 1.jpg