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Xenia Boutique EDM Design

xenia boutique edm.jpg

This is an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) design which was done for Xenia Boutique which is a women's fashion boutique clothing store in West End Brisbane.


In this EDM design, they wanted it to include the text "Spring Ready Shopaholic", a header with the Xenia logo, 4-5 products from there website and also some accents/illustrations.

With my design, I gave it three different sized squares which were the pinkish one for the main background, the light green rectangle for the background of the header and the darkish green square for the background of the content.


In the heading, the logo was placed in the top centre with a few accents that were required which were vintage style corner border designs which are also on the bottom corners. Under the logo were also two other vintage-style accents which were like an underline type squiggle.


For the main content, I used the required text "Spring Ready Shopaholic" which I placed diagonally and the font that was used was SignPrinter to get the feel of a boutique style. The images were from there website and these were placed around the text. The colors that were used are a spring colour palette consisting of shades of greens and pinks.

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