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Making Visual Media Your Poster Is A Battleground

cut & past poster.jpg

This assignment was a cut and paste poster which was based on a magazine. The way this poster had to be done was to get a magazine and find a theme or topic to base the poster on. Then content from the magazine had to be chosen to be used for the cut and paste part of the poster. Once the content was chosen text and vector images are applied to make the final outcome.

The overall theme of this design is whitewashing which I got from the Empire magazine. The style of this poster is that it looks like the Empire magazine cover. The poster contains the cut and paste raster image that is made up of three images from the magazine which is the background, the headpieces, and the people. The image is to show whitewashing using white characters and making them look like native Americans. The vector text is the Empire name which is in reference to the magazine but also symbolizes whitewashing because of how it can relate to the British empire and how they went and colonized non-white countries. The text whitewashing is also a vector which is used to state what the theme/ topic is and the text under it is done in InDesign and it's just a few words that describe the theme/topic. 

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